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What do mushrooms, queer theory, and indigenous objects and botany in Dutch collections have in common?

On Friday 2 December, the Kunstfort will present a public programme with artist Seba Calfuqueo from Santiago, who will be our guest at the Kunstfort for a week of inspiration as part of their residency. During this event, which coincides with UNESCO’s World Futures Day, the video work “MAPU KUFÜLL (LAND SEAFOOD)” by Calfuqueo will be screened that will be the starting point of a moderated conversation with the artist.

Mapu Kufüll (land seafood) is the Mapudungun name for mushrooms. The animated video reflects on the relation of the Mapuche to mushrooms.

In the south of the world, the Mapuche kuyfi kimün (ancestral knowledge) celebrates the Wiñol Txipantü (Winter solstice) around mid-June since immemorial times. During this event, they welcome the new cycle of the sun in the middle of Puken (winter season; rain season), then comes Pewü (spring; sprout season), Walüng (summer; fertility and abundance season) and Rimü (fall; harvest season and time for the Earth to rest).

Mushrooms have contributed to a form of food sovereignty, when meat was scarce in many communities and was replaced with mushrooms. This knowledge of the forest and its times has allowed us to know more about them and enjoy them in gastronomy the consumption possibilities. According to Calfuqueo, preparing mushrooms, getting to understand their processes and ways of being able to eat them for the human organism contains knowledge that should be valued, as well as the collaborative act of cooking and sharing food.

The programme starts at 19:00h and will take place in the Genieloods. Feel welcome to join! Prior to the start of programme there will be fort-made mushroom soup with bread from 18:00h onwards. A donation in the form of ‘pay as you like’ is appreciated, but not necessary.

The residency was developed in close collaboration with Valley of the Possible, with thanks to WeTransfer.

Video still of Seba Calfuqueo, MAPU KUFÜLL (LAND SEAFOOD), 2020. 3D design by Valentina Riquelme, DIGUEÑE.

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