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For the first time this year, Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen is an official venue for the Cinekid Festival, the world’s largest film and media festival for children. This festival takes place every year around the autumn holidays. Especially for this occasion, the Genieloods has been transformed into a real cinema, where the films below will be screened and after the film, you can enjoy crafts. Tickets sold at the entrance. Price for ticket for the film and visit to the fort: €5.00 per child including accompanying adult(s).

A free workshop will also be available at the fort on Wednesday 25 October at 13:15h and Friday 27 October at 15:00h from Kabaalmakers. In the workshop, you will learn to make a real report from start to finish. Together with other children, you will form a film team and interview people. Afterwards, you get to edit the film yourself and receive it afterwards.

Saïd & Anna
Age: 4+
Production company: Phanta Basta!
Co-producer: Indi Film (DE)
Director: Hilt Lochten
Length: 8 episodes of 6 min, together 48 min.
Language: Dutch; Flemish
Screenings: Saturday 21.10 at 11:00h, Sunday 22.10 at 11:00h, Wednesday 25.10 at 13:00h, Thursday 26.10 at 15:00h, Friday 27.10 at 11:00h, Saturday 28.10 at 13:00h and Sunday 29.10 at 11:00h

Saïd (6) and Anna (7) are best friends. Every day, they can be found in Saïd’s parents’ Repair Shop. There, broken things are repaired with good tools and given a second life. Meanwhile, the two children struggle with their own problems, which they manage to solve in their own creative ways.

Klara’s crazy train adventure
Age: 6+
Viewing guide: All ages (Family film, fun from 5 years)
Country: Norway
Production company: Qvisten Animation
Director: Will Ashurst
Length: 70 minutes
Language: Dutch
Screenings: Saturday 21.10 at 13:00h, Wednesday 25.10 at 15:00h, Thursday 26.10 at 11:00h and Sunday 29.10 at 13:00h

Klara’s farm is in trouble. Nothing wants to grow. Fortunately, inventor Albert the Pig has invented a nano seed that should solve the problem. How it works he wants to show off on his special high-tech laboratory train. But on the journey, his invention is stolen. The thief can’t be far! Klara and Gavin join forces with famous detective Agatha Chichester to find the thief and secure the future of the farm. An exciting animation for the whole family with amusing references to film-noir.

Dancing Queen
Age: 8+
Directed by: Aurora Gossé
Country: Denmark
Production: Levelk
Length: 90 min
Language: Dutch dubbed or subtitled
Screenings: Saturday 21.10 at 15:00h, Sunday 22.10 at 14:00h, Wednesday 25.10 at 11:00h, Thursday 26.10 at 13:00h, Friday 27.10 at 13:00h and Sunday 29.10 at 15:00h

Nerdy teenager Mina wants to fit in at school. But even more so, she wants to impress her idol: hip-hop dancer E.D. Win. So she signs up for a dance competition organised by him. That she can’t dance, she has to come up with a solution. Bravely and with the support of her sprightly grandmother, she does her thing, only to find out that it is better to be yourself than to want to change yourself. A feel-good movie from Norway full of good dance moves and humour that doesn’t shy away from tough topics.

Sea Spark
Age: 10+
Country: Belgium
Production company: A Private View, Viking Film
Directed by: Domien Huyghe
Length: 96 minutes
Language: Flemish; Dutch subtitles
Screenings: Sunday 22.10 at 11:00h, Friday 27.10 at 15:00h, Saturday 28.10 at 11:00h and Sunday 29.10 at 15:00h

Eleven-year-old Lena loses her father when his fishing boat sinks at sea. There are whispers that the accident is her father’s fault, but Lena is convinced that a mysterious sea monster caused the ship to capsize. She goes to great lengths to prove the monster’s existence.


Film still: Saïd & Anna

Film still: Klara’s crazy train adventure

Film still: Dancing Queen

Film still: Sea Spark

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