Finissage Spring exhibition with i.a. a performance by Coralie Vogelaar
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Join the finissage of our spring exhibitions on Sunday 23rd of June from 3 p.m with the performance Arranging, Moving, Rotating, Packing by Coralie Vogelaar, followed by a Q&A with V2_ curator Florian Weigl and artistic director Zippora Elders.

For her intervention, Coralie Vogelaar applied a bin-packing algorithm – normally used for transport or 3D printing – to a dataset of classical sculptures. This algorithm calculates what is optimal, i.e. taking up as little space as possible, used for packaging irregular objects in a container. The result, consisting of a combination of poses, is the input for the performance with four dancers that will be performed during the finissage. Choreography in collaboration with Marjolein Vogels.

Image credits: Coralie Vogelaar.

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