Opening 37PK & Kunstfort present: Mika Rosenberg - Empathy Box
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The (pop-up) exhibition “Empathy Box”, loosely referencing Philip K. Dick, is the result of a Summer residency at 37PK and Kunstfort. Visual artist Mika Rosenberg (US, 1996) stayed at Fort bij Vijfhuizen and worked in a studio in historic Haarlem. Starting point is the genre of science fiction, fitting the Kunstfort program and as a metaphorical connection between future and past, heritage and artificiality.
Rosenberg brings together her ongoing research in an alienating scenography: an aquarium of algae and bacteria, an arrangement of plant species found in Haarlemmermeer, a cage with disguising caterpillars, and a live stream from Kunstfort’s surveillance cameras. The installation is reminiscent of a scientific presentation, but gives no answers.

Mika Rosenberg studied at Maryland Instute College of Art, Baltimore, and Bard College, Berlin.

Festive opening: Sunday, September 16, 16.00 with the artist present. External location: 37PK, Groot Heiligland 37 in Haarlem.

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The residency program Future Past / Nature City by Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen and 37PK is supported by the Municipality of Haarlem.
37PK is supported by the Municipality of Haarlem.
The Kunstfort is supported by the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer and the Mondriaan Fund.

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