Kunstfort Kasus 2019: From parking garage to Kunstfort, final presentation of Vincent Knopper
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From parking garage to Kunstfort

During Kunstfort Kasus – an annual residency during 2019 – Knopper has examined the architecture and history of the fort, as well as the programmatic and physical design of the heritage’s redevelopment into an art space. Knopper responds with spatial interventions to the architectural additions that have made the concrete, “outmoded”, structure into the public domain. Accessibility, materiality and functional design form the common thread throughout his residency.

Born from this site-specific study, Knopper compares the future of parking garages with the history of the Defense Line of Amsterdam. Just like the defenses, technological developments can make concrete parking garages superfluous and require new functions.

In an in-depth afternoon program, Knopper reflects on his findings and new questions and thinks further about the potential re-use of vacant parking garages. To this end, he has invited related makers to exchange ideas about the future.

Program 17.11.2019
15.00: Walk-in.
15.30: Presentation Vincent Knopper, followed by a moderation with Zippora Elders (director Kunstfort). Invited guest speakers are curator’s duo De Cleene De Cleene and designer and visual artist Hein van Duppen.
17.00-18.00: Closure and drinks.

De Cleene De Cleene are two curators who focus on novel ways of approaching the everyday, by artistic means and from a cultural and critical perspective. Research is conducted into an array of varied topics, such as the movement of flags, the conservation of movie set scale models, the aesthetics of the parking lot, demolition and open space, and communication in amateur astronomical societies.


Hein van Duppen studied Urban and Regional Planning (BBE) at the NHTV in Breda and Inter-Architecture at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. He received a Master of Interior Architecture (MIA) at the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam.




Foto: Vincent Knopper, Fort Krommeniedijk

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