Kunstfort Buitenateliers x De Ateliers: The Offspring extension with Kokou Ferdinand Makouvia
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After having hosted the sculptural research of Kokou Ferdinand Makouvia on our peninsula for 1,5 years, we’re very happy to present the outcome during the Offspring weekend. On Sunday 10 October you’re welcome from 15:00 to view the work. Kokou Ferdinand Makouvia, Dominic van den Boogerd (tutor/researcher at De Ateliers), Ranti Tjan (director of Sundaymorning@ekwc), and Zippora Elders (director and head curator of Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen), will have a panel discussion and do a public Q&A at 15:15.

In collaboration with De Ateliers, Amsterdam, and Sundaymorning@ekwc, Oisterwijk.

Photo: LNDWstudio


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