"Communal Healing" session with art collective HARD-CORE
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Clay your troubles away!

Under the guidance of Skyler Lindenberg, HARD-CORE would like to invite you for a day of communal healing. The event will unfold in two parts:
– Sculpting session, from 11:00 – 14:00
(limited places – RSVP to ceo@the-hard-core.eu)
– Informal presentation of the result open to the public from 14:00 onwards.

During the sculpting sessions we will use clay for manifesting energies and emotions that are subconsciously toxifying our everyday encounters and sense of empathy. Through several sculpting sessions, we will explore some of the fears and anxieties that are dwelling within us and release them into communal sculptures, in the hope for a unified and all-welcoming sense of co-existing.

Our differences are the foundation for our ability to belong. Throughout this session we’ll explore this commonality with the aim of forming a multiperspective; a communal mental state where the participants have a collective understanding rather than a fragmented and opposing one. Within multiperspective, contradictions are welcomed and encouraged aiming for a holistic viewpoint on a single subject.

This event is guided by Skyler Lindenberg who will share their decade long experience of facilitating multi-perspectives and non-hierarchical ways of co-existing.

As a result of this session, the participants will collectively create a series of ceramic sculptures* together with the members of HARD-CORE. After the event the sculptures will be glazed and burned for future preservation and display. All the participants will become co-authors of the sculptures and will receive certificates that prove their co-authorship.

*No prior sculpting experience is required.

We look forward to spending an afternoon with you!

Kind regards,
Skyler Lindenberg

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