Kunstfort Kasus 2021-22 - Telcosystems
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Telcosystems succeed Isabel Marcos for the third edition of our annual residency: Kunstfort Kasus
2021-22. Kunstfort Kasus is an annual residency in which artists and designers expand their studio
practice to (the vicinity of) the Kunstfort for a year.

Telcosystems are Gideon Kiers, David Kiers and Lucas van der Velden. In their audiovisual works
Telcosystems research the relation between the behavior of programmed numerical logic and the
human perception of this behavior; they aim at an integration of human expression and programmed
machine behavior. This becomes manifest in the immersive audiovisual installations they make, in
films, videos, soundtracks, prints and in live performances. The software they write enables them to
compose ever-evolving audiovisual worlds. Telcosystems’ installations and films focus on real-time,
self-structuring, generative processes, in their live performances they focus on the interaction with
these processes. Their work is the result of an ongoing search for an own language of non-referential
image and sound, and is characterized by lucid and restrained aesthetics, closely related to the
technology they use. In interaction with machines Telcosystems fuse the auditive and visual domains
into one immersive spatial experience that explores the limits of the human sensory apparatus.

Visit the website from Telcosystems to read more about their practice.

Photo: Telcosystems (taken during visit to the Kunstfort)


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