Hans van Houwelingen
Sluipweg, waarlangs de dood heeft weten te ontsnappen
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On the rampart surrounding the Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen, fine artist Hans van Houwelingen constructed a 400-meter long path made of old gravestones, titled: Sluipweg, waarlangs de dood heft weten te ontsnappen. 

Van Houwelingen alludes to the special fact that – for as far as officially known – during the defense of this military defense bastion, the Dutch army never actually fought.

The original function of the Kunstfort turns this narrow path into a bypass. The path made of recycled gravestones offers, so to speak, a space for death. The way the fort has been recycled to serve art, death has been ‘recycled’ to join the history of the fort.

Hans van Houwelingen, Sluipweg, waarlangs de dood heeft weten te ontsnappen, 2009

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