Ad de Jong
All Rays On Us
2021 09.07.2021–​31.12.2024
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The mystical basis of Ad de Jong’s sculptures is connecting his spiritual inner world with his physical outer world.

In this day and age it is important to see everything as a whole. Making differences and unfamiliar forms into a whole visually and letting them be felt is what he wants to give to the audience as directly as possible. He hopes that the viewer can see and experience this in his new nine-meter-long sculpture All Rays on Us (2021), in the park on the grassy embankment by the large trees near the Kunstfort.

The title All Rays on Us is not an explanation of the sculpture but mainly meant to be used as a visualization when looking at the sculpture and walking through it.

The sculpture was not designed but made in an organic way. The shapes of the molds were drawn directly and incorporated into the image you see. It is made of epoxy resin, fiberglass and pigments.

Attached to the sculpture are elements of pieces of beach wood and colored epoxy, twenty in all. These are radiant talismans that will be given away in due course.

By performing elements from different cultures in his life in an initiation performance, he has connected the sculpture with the surrounding land, trees and water, to this specific place.

All Rays on Us has been made possible thanks to the Mondriaan Fund.

Ad de Jong, All Ray On Us, Kunstfort (c) Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen, 2022. Foto: LNDW Studio

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