Open Call: Worlds that World
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With ‘Worlds that World’ Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen offers space to four initiatives (individual or collective) to expand on their practice centered around world building.

Over the past years huddled voices became increasingly louder in reaction to the clusterfuck of multiple crises (Wxtchcraft, 2021) shaped by trauma and desperate need of survival. In times defined by capitalism, ableism, white supremacy and patriarchy, these voices experience a lack of space and resources to dream another world.

What shape and color is accountability? What is the sound of abolition?

The open call aims to provide an opportunity to research, reflect and dream on (to ultimately aid) in the participants’ practice – in turn offering a critical reflection of the current societal climate. This initiative, to open the doors of the institute, is initiated by the curator of learning as part of a wider research trajectory to investigate institutional (un)learning at the Kunstfort.

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Large pollinator field in Park Vijfhuizen. Photo: Mariken Straat

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