Kunstfort Voices #9
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In this Kunstfort Voices we share art as well as background and recommendations around the current events. There has been a war going on in Europe for a week. The stories and images from Ukraine are disturbing and heartbreaking. On our fort’s peninsula, built at the end of the 19th century by the Ministry of War and now a retreat for art and artists, we invest in support, contributions, dialogue, solidarity and perspectives. We continue to work on the programming at a lower level: art offers comfort, hope, imagination, connection and expertise. For today, together with Fabienne, we made a program with artists, researchers and stories from North and Central Asia. We look forward to the residency of Sebastián Calfuqueo, artist and Mapuche, with Olaf and Mirla. The resonance continues, too. Danielle tips Fugazi and Finn brought the tifa’s drum into the fort spaces. I am commuting this last month between overwhelmed Berlin and familiar Vijfhuizen, preparing something nice – for Spring. Strenght and Love, Z.

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Yara Said, The Refugee Nation Flag op het Kunstfort tijdens de groepstentoonstelling Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen - Politics at Play, Play at Politics 2021 © Kunstfort, 2021. Foto: LNDWstudio

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