Kunstfort Voices #8
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We already had the shortest day, but the new lockdown is still ongoing… It is chilly at the beautiful Kunstfort, but also a bit quiet. The volunteers have collected their seasonal packages and are enjoying the winter recess. In the meantime, the director is wandering among the sheep on the island while the procedure for succession has started. We are preparing public programs in February and March, and the Kunstfort Journal and the Kunstfort Voices will continue online. The canceled CruquiusConcerts can hopefully take place again in the Genieloods in January. We look forward to receiving visitors and artists in the new year. Until then, Julius’s queer anthems keeps us warm, Sarah Naqvi inspires us digitally, the bees and outdoor artworks on the island can still be admired, and we look back positively on another strange yet delightful and fruitful year. Good health and loving holidays, from the entire Kunstfort. ~ Z

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Performance weekend MPA, Fire for Water, Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen & If I Can't Dance (2021). Foto: Maarten Nauw

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