Kunstfort Voices #7
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The winter break is approaching, but the nature-rich fort island remains open and in the genieloods we organise classical concerts on the weekends. Until then, the magical remnants of MPA’s fire-for-water performance can still be experienced in the fort, and in the loods there’s Miloš’ yellow-lit installation about media and the (im)possible representation of war. Meanwhile, friends of the Kunstfort have impressive exhibitions at home and abroad, and another old acquaintance, Arif, wrote for Kunstfort Journal about ‘Werktreue’. And we are very happy to welcome a new curator of learning to the team this winter. Deeper in the fort, we’re happily haunted by Isabel Marcos’ rope and Claudia Rankine’s Zidane headbutt – and above the water reservoir there’s never Julius Thissen, forever.

Fort love, ZE

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