Kunstfort Voice #5
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A month ago we said goodbye to dear uncle Jozef Siahaija (or Josef Siahaya). In the early 50s our uncle came as a stowaway to the Netherlands when he was 18 years old. Alone and with only 100 guldens, assuming his family would follow (they wouldn’t), on a ship with KNIL army families he self was not a part of. In the Netherlands he bought a racing bike of the 100 guilders and eventually became a prof football player for Stad Utrecht. Went international and ao scored against Tasmania Berlin during the Europacup. But then quit – the then still very poorly paid – sports to find the girl with a golden voice that he once met in Jakarta and had never forgotten, and subsequently went on a year of ship work on the Atlantic ocean to pay for their wedding. The singing girl was Mien Tahalele, my father’s sister. In this picture you can see Jozef, Oom Oetjoe for me, as one of the first Maluku profs of Dutch football, with ao Erwin Sparendam, one of the first Suriprofs… On the occassion of the closing of this 2021 Summer of sports, on Sunday the 5th of September at 3 pm we will open a short show on Politics at Play, football in particular, cocurated with Vincent van Velsen (avid fan that came with the idea) and me (entangled with football through both the Indo-Dutch and Moluccan lines). We are happy to welcome everyone.

~ Zippora, directeur-curator Kunstfort

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