Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen presents Dagmar Bosma at Parksessies Haarlem
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Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen presents Dagmar Bosma’s work Scrap Metal Dream Boy as part of Parksessies, a free three-day multidisciplinary art festival in Haarlem’s city park Haarlemmerhout on Friday 14, Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 July.

Scrap Metal Dream Boy is a body of work that started to form while gleaning for metal remnants in post-industrial wastelands. Loosely assembled and trans*ferred onto fabric with rust-dyeing techniques, these seemingly exhausted bits and pieces come alive as a new entity. Like A.I., it needs our input in order to grow. Like with A.I., there’s a fine line between control and letting go.

There is queer potential in the worn-out, in that which is no longer able to function as it should. Shapeshifting and spreading tenaciously, rust makes brittle what was once impermeable. In its trans*itory movement of oxidation and corrosion also lies its own erosive undoing. In our digital world, rust is a predictor of end of life.

Scrap Metal Dream Boy dreams up dreams of rebirth and decay. Scrap Metal Dream Boy stays wet to make sure the rust never sleeps. You are invited to help dampen it.

Dagmar Bosma (he/they) is a trans* artist, writer and cultural programmer based in Rotterdam, where they studied fine arts at Piet Zwart Institute. Later this summer, he will do a residency at Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen, in which ‘control’ will be the starting point.

Dagmar Bosma, study, 2023. Photo: Lili Huston Herterich

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