Kunstfort on the Vroege Vogels Podcast
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“Sustainability is very often about reducing your negative impact. What the Zoöp wants to do is regeneration. That you actually create the conditions for the ecosystem to flourish and facilitate that resilience in it whereby there is more soil life, more insects, more birds, more larger animals. So basically you are enriching and diversifying, in all ways you can.”

-Bonnie Chopard, Speaker for the Living, excerpt from the Vroege Vogels podcast

You can now tune in to reflections on being a Zoöp on Vroege Vogels! This radio program, aired on NPO Radio1, focuses on “nature, the environment, climate, and sustainability”. In their latest episode, Vroege Vogels editor and reporter Pleun Aarts interviewed our director, Rabiaâ Benlahbib, and our speaker for the living, Bonnie Chopard, about what it means to be a Zoöp as an organisation. Zoöp initiator and custodian Klaas Kuitenbrouwer also gives in his insights. What is a Zoöp? What relationship with ecology and other-than-human beings does it foster? How does it influence organisational decision-making? These questions and more are explored in a 11-minute podcast segment. It starts at the time stamp 01:09:10! (Dutch spoken).

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Photo: Patricia de Ruijter

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