Kunstfort is looking for a Curator of Learning! Respond immediately, or email us with any questions.
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Are you an educator with a great love for visual arts, heritage, and nature? Are you enthusiastic about setting up sustainable, local partnerships and do you function well in a close-knit team? We are looking for someone like you!

Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen, Island for Art and Heritage is a unique art and heritage institution just 20 kilometers from the capital. In recent years the Kunstfort has experienced a growth spurt. The artistic prominence is sharpened and exhibitions and policy are internationalized. In addition, attention given to heritage, design, and architecture is more closely interwoven with the visual arts programming. Along with this, embedding itself locally has become a key part of its activities.

At the Kunstfort, children, young people, and adults are introduced to contemporary art, heritage, and history through various educational programs, guided tours, and workshops. Besides the regular education programs and guided tours, the Kunstfort provides customized services for primary and secondary education, (post-)academic institutes, and regular visitors. Various public programs and publications have also been created in recent years to expand and broaden the exhibition program. The Kunstfort currently seeks to further expand in the field of education, in order to strengthen its fundamental mission.

Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen is immediately seeking a creative and committed:

Curator of Learning (24 hours)

The Curator of Learning works in collaboration with the Director (also head curator) on the program. Develops essential strategies with colleagues regarding audience reach and interaction with visitors. Assists in the area of Marketing and Communication, with regard to programming and outreach. Actively contributes to further implementing the Diversity and Inclusion Code in the organization and increasing accessibility at the Kunstfort. The position offers an excellent opportunity to develop a program in which education and content programming are joined in a stimulating and relevant way.

Job description

  • The Curator of Learning is responsible for the development and fulfillment of the education program and the public program at the Kunstfort.
  • The Curator of Learning streamlines the parts of the program that adhere to nonformal learning, such as the public program and guided tours, and informal learning, such as the Kunstfort newsletters, exhibition videos, Kunstfort Journal, and podcasts. This partly also includes social media.
  • The Curator of Learning streamlines the school programs and directs the coordinator of education and the educators, and is ultimately responsible for all of the education programs which are organized at and by the Kunstfort.
  • The Curator of Learning contributes to writing the wall texts for exhibitions.
  • The Curator of Learning contributes to writing grant applications and assists in finding and working with education partners.
  • The Curator of Learning supports the Director in terms of the Kunstfort’s artistic content policy.
  • The Curator of Learning receives support from the Production & Programming Assistant and the Producer in the implementation of the public program.
  • Together with the entire team, the Curator of Learning ensures a healthy and inspiring working and (un)learning environment for artists, fellow staff, and visitors.


  • You carry a sense of responsibility, are energetic and conscientious.
  • You have a suitable educational background or a minimum of 3 years of relevant work experience in the field of public programming and/or education.
  • You are committed to and follow the societal dialogue surrounding diversity and inclusion, and have a clear view on decolonization and physical accessibility.
  • You are able to maintain constructive contact with the appropriate stakeholders and visitor groups.
  • You wish to actively participate in the networks of which the Kunstfort is a part (contemporary art, region, forts, sustainability).
  • You are thoroughly familiar with MS Office, or are willing to learn it.
  • Your speaking and writing skills in Dutch are excellent, and your English is good.
  • You are willing to commit to the Kunsfort for a longer period of time.Candidates with the following skills/characteristics are preferred:●      A network in the Metropolitan Region of Amsterdam, Municipality of Haarlemmermeer, or Haarlem.
    ●      Well acquainted with the art and culture sector in the Netherlands, including familiarity with funds and sponsors.
    ●      Experience in working with volunteers.
    ●      Some managerial experience.
    ●      The Kunstfort prefers a candidate who adds to the diversity within the organization.What do we offer?

An integral, key position in an exceptional environment with a flexible yet close-knit team.

Personal responsibility and scope for co-shaping a growing institution.

Involvement in the further development of the Kunstfort, collaborations, and public outreach.

Opportunities to expand both your regional and international contemporary art and heritage networks.

For a 24-hour workweek the salary will be €1,800 gross (depending on experience), in accordance with the Guideline for job and wage structure for presentation institutions for the visual arts (April 2019, commissioned by De Zaak Nu).

Accessibility: the fort and the ground floor of the Genieloods are wheelchair accessible, but the office and the peninsula – which form an important part of the heritage – are less so for the time being.


Under the leadership of the current Director, the Kunstfort has in recent years developed its vision for Education into a more integrated part of the organization: Education at Large. The Kunstfort views learning and unlearning as an important part of the organization’s profile. This manifests in different areas, such as collaboration with artists and the way in which the team functions and is managed.

“Unlearning” means rejecting (part of your) knowledge and assumptions, so that you are open to a new process of growth. This process is characterized by curiosity, experimentation, openness, and vulnerability — where making mistakes is permitted and you learn by doing, listening, and experiencing. This aligns with educational concepts of learning by doing, informal learning, and Lifelong Learning.

The Kunstfort is continuing its development of these components and wishes to appoint the Curator of Learning to fulfill this purpose. With this appointment, the current Education offering will be strengthened, structured, and expanded. In addition, the Curator of Learning, in collaboration with the Director, will further stimulate and guarantee learning and unlearning throughout the organization. Inclusion is one of the most important pillars in this regard.

The Kunstfort already has an extensive Education program, which consists of guided tours and workshops for primary and secondary education, post-academic institutes, and other interested parties. This forms a solid basis and focuses on nonformal learning. The Kunstfort is currently investing in setting up a branch for informal learning. Working together in this respect are the Curator of Learning, educators, participating artists, and the Director. This approach is inspired by the OF/ BY/ FOR ALL method described by Nina Simon. The Kunstfort seeks an impact that is suitable for both the small scale and a larger local, national, and online reach.


Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen includes the entire fort island and surrounding area of approximately 7 hectares, which encompasses various partners, a restaurant, local residents, volunteers, tour guides, studio tenants, artists-in-residence, beekeeping, and (military) landscaping. The office includes 10 (part-time) employees, freelancers, and trainees, and the entire organization involves about 30 volunteers. The working structure is horizontally oriented, meaning some functions overlap. Furthermore, the Curator of Learning works directly with artists, director, producers, heritage manager, volunteer coordinator, communication functions, and interns. The staff is incorporated within the broader fort network and the heritage sector, cultivates a relationship with the (inter)national field of the visual arts, is involved in management and preservation, is closely connected with the region and surroundings, and makes efficient use of fluid working methods, collaboration, and digital resources.

The Kunstfort is involved in achieving a healthy sector and subscribes to the Fair Practice Code, the Cultural Governance Code, and the Diversity and Inclusion Code.


Please send a letter with your motivation (max. 1 page) and CV no later than October 10, 2021, to sollicitatie@kunstfort.nl, citing “application for Curator of Learning.” Any questions can be addressed to irene@kunstfort.nl. Do you perhaps only partly see yourself in this job posting, or have doubts as to whether this position is right for you? Please contact us and we will gladly explain what the job entails and assist you in your consideration.

Employment agencies are expressly requested not to respond to this advertisement.

Kunstfort Perspectives, 2019. Photo by Simon Tree.

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