Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen presents: 'Nacreous Clouds' by Paula Garcia Sans on Boring Festival
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On 20 and 21 January the first edition of Boring Festival in Haarlem takes place, a two-days music, theatre and art festival breaking the boundaries between art and nightlife. Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen presents the work Nacreous Clouds by Paula Garcia Sand on multiple cultural locations in and around the city centre.

In the video installation Nacreous Clouds Paula touches upon the magic and spookiness of not understanding the processes behind our high-tech devices. While drawing comparisons to natural phenomena, Garcia Sans examines the blurry boundaries between the human body and its technological counterpart. The installation consists of four chapters that can be encountered independently at different festival locations: Noord-Hollands Archief, two locations at the Patronaat, and Philharmonie Haarlem.

Mixed media artist Paula was born in Barcelona and is currently based in Amsterdam. Using several media such as CGI (computer-generated imagery), installations, sculptures, and virtual reality, she explores an ongoing interest in the human relationship to artificiality. As a maker, she experiments with themes such as body perception, geopolitical changes, and online identity.

The Kunstfort previously worked with Paula during ‘Worlds that World’, a programme in which artists created work around the notion of world building.

Click here for tickets and more information about Boring Festival.

Soundtrack: excerpts of ‘ftsttg 0.1’ by ftsttg.

Video Still from Paula Garcia Sans - Nacreous Clouds, 2023.

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