Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen receives a contribution Art Platforms 2024-2025 from the Mondriaan Fund
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We are delighted with the beautiful contribution we received from the Mondriaan Fund for our 2024-2025 programme. Besides Kunstfort, 30 other art platforms received a contribution, out of a total of 69 applications. Unfortunately, 9 positively assessed fellow organisations could not be honoured due to a lack of budget. We hope they will not give up and invite them to cooperate where it can be nourishing for our organisations and for the sector.

The Mondriaan Fund considers the programmes of art platforms vital to the development and visibility of contemporary visual art: “Although sometimes limited in size, these are the platforms where new tendencies emerge and are given space; where broadening and innovation develop. They are therefore at the foundation of the visual arts field and indispensable for a healthy ecosystem in the arts,” the fund states.

For us as an organisation, such a multi-year award is a great support. Apart from the recognition it brings, it allows us to enter into collaborations with partners of a larger scale than ourselves and working longer ahead. We look forward to doing our cultural bit over the next two years.

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