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Kunstfort Projects: Bee Heroes is organizing a festive fieldwork day this spring, if the corona measurements allow it. In addition to the volunteer group, around ten participants of Slow Food Youth Network Amsterdam will participate, and a number of trainees from Haarlemmermeer Voor Elkaar will be present. Furthermore, biologist and wild bee connoisseur Soesja van Wijgerden will give a workshop on bumblebees and solitary bees.

Local and regional nature projects have a positive impact on the biodiversity that is under pressure worldwide. And fortunately, more and more people realize that resilient ecosystems are important to our existence on Earth. Even in areas where you may not immediately expect it. For example, there is a great consensus among scientists about the relationship between the origin and spread of viruses such as corona and declining biodiversity. For example, the scale of the global meat industry is problematic. About 80% of all agriculture worldwide is related to livestock; Most of the rainforests are cut down for corn and soy production used for animal food, and for the construction of mega stables. Read more information about the pandemic and the importance of a properly functioning ecosystem here.

www.beeheroes.nl / info@beeheroes.nl

Ecologische bijenbloemenveld Park Vijfhuizen, zomer 2020.

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