Celebration of official exhibition programme opening: “The hand that searched in the void”
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Last Sunday, we celebrated the official opening of the exhibition programme “The hand that searched in the void”. Inside the poterne filled with visitors, friends, and family, artist and sound designer Oscar van Leest kicked off the opening with an experimental sound performance. Using wearable devices on his hands, his sound performance explored the relationship between his body and the physical surroundings of the fort. Following the performance was an opening speech by our director Rabiaâ Benlahbib that expounded upon the exhibition programme’s concept of holding on and letting go.

The exhibition also marks the world premiere of the installation “Quantum Mirror” by Mike Rijnierse, a mirror inspired by quantum mechanics. Celebrating the premiere, the artist held a speech and gave a collective toast with grain wine made in the distillery on the fort island. Additionally there were other rituals visitors could perform, such as sprinkling turmeric over a sculptural installation by Razia Barsatie. And defying wind and rain, exhibited artist Jonathan Tang, together with visitors, conducted performative interactions on the fort roof as part of his research installation log731, a work interrogating power and dehumanisation. The day ended with an intimate closing dinner with the artists and the Kunstfort team.

We want to thank everyone for coming and for bringing your positive energy and excitement. It was a special day!

The exhibition programme runs until 9 June. Keep an eye out for our activities here.

Photo: Maarten Nauw

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