Press release Rabiaâ Benlahbib new director of Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen

Press release Winter at the Kunstfort: tributes and celebrations

Press release Kunstfort opent spring season on 10th of April


Press release After an almost six-year directorship, Zippora Elders bids farewell to the blossoming Kunstfort

Press release Kunstfort autumn with performance weekend by MPA, announcement Kunstfort Kasus 2021-22: Telcosystems, and various events

Press release Opening at the Kunstfort on 5 and 19 September, new exhibitions on football, politics, media, and transformation

Press release Hybrid molecular structures, pandemic cinema, and a multitude of sculptures

Press release A retrospective and preview of the Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen program


Press release Outdoor exhibition Srebrenica is Nederlandse geschiedenis (Srebrenica is Dutch history)

Press release Feminist lineages and disembodied voice at the Kunstfort

Kunstfort opens with group show on June 14


Press release Jan Robert Leegte – Clear Obscure & Border Agency – Liquid Landscapes: what if the ground under your feet can’t be trusted?

Press release Timur Akhmetov – KIDS OF CHAOS: Scene of Evacuation & Nicola Arthen – Eagle & Hesitant Vehicles

Press release Perspectives (in Dutch)


Press release Catherine Biocca – Ancient Workers & Eva-Fiore Kovacovsky – Sequoia Grove.

Press release Botond Keresztesi – H.B.O. (Hubbard’s Best Of) & Timo Nasseri – Uncertain Phases.

Press release Takeshi Ikeda – Weekend.

Press release Mika Rosenberg – Empathy Box.

Press release Charlott Weise – He at Sea & Serge Onnen – The Fear of Small Numbers.


Press release Tamar Harpaz – March Madness & Erik Andriesse – Dode Dierentuin.

Press release Joeri Woudstra – Millennial Gravestone Quotes & Raymond Barrion – Parallel Perspectives.

Press release Kim David Bots – The Rant & Rachel de Joode – Flat Nature / Surface Bodies.

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