Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen is art, heritage and nature in one.

The monumental Fort bij Vijfhuizen is one of the first concrete buildings in the Netherlands and part of the Defence Line of Amsterdam; a large-scale 19th-century defensive plan that was never completely put into action, and has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996. The island is surrounded by distinct examples of Dutch country planning like the 19th century polder landscapes and 20th century suburban “Vinex” housing districts.

Since 2005 the island is a destination for art, a unique location where visual art and military heritage come together. The exhibitions mirror the fort’s surroundings: a collage of engineered landscapes showcasing the deployment of nature for a wide range of—now often outmoded—purposes.

The Kunstfort is a place where time, space, and image merge. The artistic program is inspired by the genre of science fiction—artists create alternative realities and question existing societal systems. Recurring themes are climate and landscape, border politics and defense models, technology and ritual, dystopia and apocalypse. The outcomes are presented in exhibitions, outdoor interventions, and multidisciplinary exchanges.

Kunstfort Team

Board Kunstfort Activities

Chair – Jan Hoekema

Secretary – Xander Karskens

Treasurer – Chris de Jong

Board Kunstfort Management

Chair – Mathias Lehner

Secretary – Vacant

Treasurer – Gert-Jan Smit


Artistic director – Zippora Elders


Coördination Backoffice & Facility – Lisette Bockwinkel

Assistance Coördinator & Volunteers – Simone van Fulpen

Project Manager Exhibitions – Marleen Kers

Communication & Online – Manique Hendricks

Education – Marcel van Kerkvoorde

Archive – Reinier Huyksloot

System management – Ralph Le Mair


Management & Technical Assistance – Gert-Jan Brok

Assistant Management– Leonard Dragman

Support Management – John Klaassen, Henk van Noort, Bart Smink. Ed Trommel, Marlène Verwoerd, Pieter van Zutphen

Guided Tours

Tjitske Baarda, Gert-Jan Brok, Thea Gerritsma, Arnold de Groot, Erika Naeije, Agnes Bos-Regossi, Robbert Thuis

Public Program

Esther Batelaan, Sophia Botermans, Hein van Caspel, Frans Christis, Chris van Gelderen, Elly Erftemeijer, Mildred Evers, Linda Harnisch, Henk van de Hoef, Margreet Mayenburg, Irma Meijs, Marja Peterzen, Margret Olsthoorn, Hans Rosenberg, Mart Veldhuis, Trudy van de Zee, Frank Verhagen, Daphne Glasmacher

Kunstfort Projects

Bee Heroes – Mariken Straat, Ben Scharp

Working group heritage pavilion

Arnold de Groot


Gert-Jan Brok


Vacancy board member legal affairs / secretary. Click here for the vacancy (in Dutch).

Vacancy for public employees (voluntary, m/f). We are looking for enthusiastic public employees, click here for the vacancy (in Dutch).

We endorse the Governance Code Culture

The wages for employees are in accordance with the GCC. These standards are not exceeded. The allowance fees received by the board members follow the GCC and are below the maximum of untaxed fees for volunteers.

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Financial report 2016

Policy plan 2012 – 2015

Year report 2017

Year plan 2018

Kunstfort Team

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