Wyne Veen
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Wyne Veen (Netherlands, 1984) is a Dutch artist working mostly within the photographic medium. Veen’s work consists of sculptural arrangements that she photographs and edits. She is inspired by the look, interpretation and essence of objects becoming commodities, and their representation as such.

Love is a project about imagery and its meaning. This image consist of fabric roses, a paper background print of a stock image, a metallic surface, silicone drops and tab water. The viewer witnesses the exact moment of a drop merging with the isles of water, playing with their mirroring of the environment. The image is reminiscent of the romance section of Hallmark postcards and inspired by decorative animated gifs. They have undergone a slight bit of retouch, but nothing extensive.

Wyne Veen, Love, 2014. Courtesy the artist. © Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen, by Simon Trel (ST)

Wyne Veen, Love, 2014. Courtesy the artist.

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