Puck Verkade, Home Alone met DJ Quarantinah, 2020 (online artwork)
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Gif: courtesy Puck Verkade

“To have been distanced from the sense of touching or being touched by loved ones for the unforeseeable future is perhaps similar to a process of grief and loss. In this podcast episode of Home Alone with DJ Quarantinah I explore many meanings of touch, and lack of it. If you keep listening to the very end, you can partake in a performance by Bruce Naumann called ‘Body Pressure’; it might actually have soothing effects whilst in isolation and having to literally embrace your own company.”

“Maybe I’m mistaken but was I think it might have been Susan Hiller who said; If art has any power at all, it is the power to make things visible. Weirdly enough, whilst stuck in limbo, I’ve paused the visual side of my practice for a while and dedicated my time and energy into developing in sound design and music – something I have wanted to do for a very long time. In response to the current situation I started these podcast series called Home Alone with DJ Quarantinah, where I try to guide the listener through intimate and moody narratives that explore the impact of the pandemic on the individual. Each podcast episode considers a theme related to our society in suspension, unpacked from any possible angle through themed music, storytelling, interviews and sharing artwork from peer artists.”

—Puck Verkade, artist (Kunstfort in 2019)

In her moving-image work Puck Verkade reconsiders the archetypes and narratives that shape human experience and social structures. Verkade applies similar strategies to her recent sonic work as DJ Quarantinah. Verkade showed a mural and video installation with Kunstfort during Parksessies 2019 in Haarlem.

Sex Machine – The Flying Lizards
A (Touchless 2) – Elisabeth Schimana and The International Theremin Orchestra
Niemand Is Perfect – Leuk & Ko
Contagion Festival – Zaliva-D
Untitled (Touchless 2) – Elisabeth Schimana and The International Theremin Orchestra
I Don’t Like Your Face – Furious Pig
Treehugger – Walltapper
U (Touchless 2) – Elisabeth Schimana and The International Theremin Orchestra
Touching Me Touching You – Sukia

Distant Touch by @_Driangle

Article by V (Eve Ensler)in The Guardian

Bruce Naumann Performance – Body Pressure

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