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The hand that searched in the void
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What do we hold on to when dealing with change? Where do we cling when we feel uncertain, uncomfortable, or afraid in anticipation of what is to come? Some find solace in visiting memories, while others search for new knowledge, hoping the ensuing facts will bring them peace. Some seek distraction, others, on the contrary, think of concrete solutions. Still, others ease their own fears by relieving those of others. A few look doubt straight in the eye or embrace the not-knowing. How far can letting go help in dealing with change?

The hand that searched in the void is an exhibition and public programme around holding on and letting go. Amongst it are stories that try to get hold of the past and installations embodying personal processes of coping and grasping. We also witness artists relinquishing control, negotiating acts of holding on and letting go with the materials and technologies they work with. The human body is in some way present in all exhibited stories.

Participating artists:

Razia Barsatie, Floortje Blaisse, Cristina Flores Pescorán, Mike Rijnierse, Jonathan Tang, Luis Carlos Tovar, Zhao Zhou and more.

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