Sarah Naqvi
Testimonies of othering and their impossibly possible futures
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How can we as art institutions expand our vocabularies in order to embrace the intersectional nature of identities? How to reimagine our social and financial responsibilities, power hierarchies and ways of responding to sociopolitical urgencies?

Sarah Naqvi’s installation Testimonies of othering and their impossibly possible futures is an ongoing compilation of exchanges that have occurred within ‘white institutions’. The petition-like piece is based on interviews and conversations with artists of colour. With it, Naqvi invites for experiences and critiques to be archived and not lost within, as they call it, the ‘white walls of bureaucracy’. In their work, Sarah Naqvi engages in narratives around forms of polarisation, centering art as their tool for activism.

Festive opening on Sunday, 24 July, 15.00h. Word of welcome at 15.30h, followed by drinks, snacks and a performance. Everyone is welcome!

• Inside the fortress: Leonardiansyah Allenda & Serena Lee – Licking Thread, Hearing Everything
• On and around the peninsula interventions by: Joakim Derlow, Alban Karsten and Pablo Lerma (in collaboration with IHLIA – LGBTI Heritage and guest co-curator Jim van Geel)
• External: Kunstfort at Grazende Zwaan festival (9–11 of September, Landgoed Kleine Vennep)

This Kunstfort exhibition was curatorially initiated by former director Zippora Elders.

Sarah Naqvi, Testimonies of othering and their impossibly possible futures, Kunstfort (c) Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen, 2022.

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