Sara Kamalvand
The Tehran Garden Festival
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The Tehran Garden Festival is a project by Canadian-Iranian architect Sara Kamalvand (Iran, 1975 – lives in Paris and Tehran) about the so-called ‘qanats’ of Tehran, the capital of Iran. Kamalvand is committed to the redevelopment of these ancient underground water canals. By reviving the historical system, the project seeks an alternative for sustainable conservation of unused urban infrastructures. In her presentation issues about climate change, resource depletion and pollution footprint are related to heritage, conservation and memory. The project consists of a series of ongoing international activities, with the Kunstfort as partner in the Netherlands, in collaboration with artist Mahmoud Bakhshi (Iran, 1977).

In addition to the solo exhibitions artists are invited to present continuous interventions in and around the fort, inspired by the overarching Kunstfort theme of “science fiction”.This fall the Kunstfort welcomes: Toon Fibbe & Laura Wiedijk with Cloning the Ghost, Sara Kamalvand with The Tehran Garden Festival i.c.w. Mahmoud Bakhshi, Jan Hoek and Annika Kappner.

still from The Tehran Garden Festival, Sara Kamalvand, 2017

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