Olya Oleinic
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Inspired by technological progress and the way new inventions are being more and more seamlessly integrated in our lives, photographer Olya Oleinic (Moldova, 1991) creates a narrative that illustates how technology has become such an ‘organic’ part of our daily mundane. Organic here refers to what is derived from living matter, but also the smooth and seamless aesthetics of today’s gadgets and digital tools. Technology is merging with our natural existence and without nowing it, we all become cyborgs; think about how mobile phones became extensions of our hands, and we can make pictures with blinking our eyes when wearing wired glasses.

Olya Oleinic researches the aesthetics of advertising as a tool for communication. After graduating from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague in 2014, she developed her sense for creative entrepreneurship by combining her autonomous practice with commercial work. The circulation of advertisements is a determinant aspect of our culture: Olya Oleinic investigates this phenomenon thoroughly, both in work and in life. Proficient in both digital as well as analogue photography processing techniques, a work from Olya Oleinic can be characterized as constructed, staged and stylized.

Olya Oleinic, Organic 2017 © Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen, SvW

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