Isabel Marcos
Liquid Anchors (Kunstfort Kasus 2020: Part 2)
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Is­abel Marcos (Spain 1986, working in Rot­terdam and Madrid) has been se­lected for Kunstfort Kasus 2020, an an­nual res­i­dency pro­gram that gives an artist or de­signer the op­por­tu­nity to ex­pand their studio work to (the sur­rounding area of) the Kunstfort for one year.

During Kunstfort Kasus 2020, she will re­search the ar­chi­tec­ture of the fort and con­sider ob­jects that me­diate our re­la­tion with large bodies of water, such as an­chors, chains and buoys. With Liquid An­chors, Is­abel will de­velop a se­ries of site-spe­cific sculp­tural in­stal­la­tions that ex­plore the no­tion of sinking from a hy­dro­fem­i­nist per­spec­tive.

Outside you can hear a sound work from May to August 2021. Isabel made the recordings in collaboration with Kunstfort volunteer Tjitske Baarda. The recordings were made in the fort’s watery canal. By presenting this “soundscape” on land, she brings the movements of underwater to the surface. This is connected to her Kunstfort Kasus research around hydrofeminism; thinking about water in bodies and the environment as related.

Isabel Marcos - Liquid Anchors (Kunstfort Kasus 2020: Part 2), Kunstfort (c) Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen, 2021. Photo: LNDWStudio

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