Kunstfort Voices #8
Sarah Naqvi, Gastronomical Essays, 2021 (artist contribution)
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In this edition of Voices we are pleased to present an artist contribution by Sarah Naqvi. In their Gastronomical Essays, Sarah criticizes the routine consumption of fabricated news in Indian households via an apparently harmless stop-motion cooking video. In the video, a charming voiceover explains in a cheerful tone instances of social and political reality in India, while metaphorical ingredients move through the image.

Sarah’s work engages in narratives themed around religious and societal polarisation, centring art as their tool for activism. The materiality and techniques in their work are at play to create familiarity with the viewer, with satire, whimsical props, and softness you are made to believe something joyous awaits. Once these thematics are established and make one comfortable, the visuals are then layered with confronting truths scripted based on prominent sociopolitical developments in their environment. Primarily working with textile, embroidery, songs, found objects, and performance, they have developed a keen interest in puppetry and stop-motion. The usage of these mediums has been intentional, as they continue to challenge visibility amongst ‘domestic’ art and reach audiences beyond the art world.

Sarah completed a residency program at De Ateliers in Amsterdam in September 2021. A poetical text by Sarah, titled ‘When a name is laid to rest by force, where lies its burial ground’, can be read on Kunstfort Journal.

Sarah Naqvi – Gastronomical Essays (2021) from Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen on Vimeo.

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