Kunstfort Voices #5
Isabel Marcos, Wet Architecture, 2021 (artist contribution)
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Isabel Marcos started a research project about the significance of the water surrounding the Kunstfort, as part of the residency program Kunstfort Kasus 2020-21. Her research resulted in various site-specific installations around the Kunstfort, in which she engages with the relationship between the human body, object and water. She recently completed her film “Wet Architecture”, which she presents for the first time in the fifth edition of Kunstfort Voices.

Inspired by the hydrofeminist discourse that understands that all our bodies are globally connected through water (according to ‘Bodies of Water’ by Astrida Neimanis), this film reflects on the relation between water and the city and its similarities to our relation with bodily fluids. The departing point of the film is De Berenplaat, the biggest drinking water purification plant in The Netherlands. De Berenplaat is a brutalist architectural complex in the South of Rotterdam, designed by Wim Quist and built in 1958. Watch “Wet Architecture” below.

Still from Wet Architecture, single channel film, 10’13’’, 2021.

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