Takeshi Ikeda
Kunstfort presents "Takeshi Ikeda - Weekend" at Haarlemse Herfst
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Kunstfort presents:

Takeshi Ikeda

Weekend, 2018

Various media

In the semi-dark attic of the historical “Doelen” building we find drawings, video documentation of a musical performance, and a mysterious collection of rubbish, trash and keyboards. These are the remains of the work of a composer and artist that we will never meet: a woman in her thirties, already passed away, with a fascination for “that what remains”. Her diary reveals that she hoped that like-minded people would continue and re-perform her work in the future, again and again ‘cloning’ her ideas, so that she would live on forever …

Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen participates in the Haarleme Herfst with an intriguing installation by (sound) artist Takeshi Ikeda (JP, 1984) in the attic of the Central Library, the former “Doelen” house of the archers. With this work Ikeda brings together the Kunstfort themes of the military and science fiction with his research on Noise and “the boring” in music.

Takeshi Ikeda participated in the Rijksakademie voor beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam, in 2017 and currently lives and works in Tokyo. Ikeda is inspired by experimental music (such as John Cage and the Wandelweiser Group) and hardcore punk. The structure of these music genres is monotonous and boring. Ikeda himself makes ‘boring’ compositions and shares his ideas about boredom in his performances. The boring not at all has a negative connotation for Ikeda: he sees it as an important characteristic of both music and time. According to him life is not a continuous series of highlights, but rather based on boring meantime. www.kunstfort.nl

About Haarlemse Herfst
28 to 30 September 2018

During this weekend full of art Haarlem’s museums, artist initiatives and presentation spaces will exhibit art at unusual locations. Participants of the Haarlemse Herfst 2018: 37PK, De-Passages, De Vishal, Museum Het Dolhuys, Frans Hals Museum, Horizon Vertical, Kunstfort at Vijfhuizen, Nieuwe Vide and Sugar Pop Institute.

Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen is art, heritage and nature in one. The island is surrounded by significant examples of Dutch urban planning: “polder” landscapes and Vinex architecture. The program is inspired by the genre of science fiction.

Friday, September 28, 21.00 performance with introduction by Zippora Elders, artistic director and curator.

Read the press release HERE.

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