Puck Verkade
Kunstfort at Parksessies presents: Puck Verkade
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Kunstfort at Parksessies presents: Puck Verkade


Opening July 17, 17:00


Kunstfort invites artist Puck Verkade for a collaboration during Park Sessions. A selection of recent videos is shown in a pavilion painted by Verkade.

In the (video) work Puck Verkade investigates ideas about gender and sexuality in relation to socio-cultural pressure. With humor and absurdism, the collage-like videos tell about fictionalized facts. The past, present and future are intertwined. The viewer is thus confronted with multiple points of view.

Puck Verkade, Fantasies Of A Closeted Creep’ (3 of 3, Coming Out), 297x420mm, watercolor, Courtesy of the artist & Durst Britt & Mayhew

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