Jan Hoek
The Mad Max Rider
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Artist Jan Hoek (Amsterdam, 1984) and Kenyan Ugandan fashion designer Bobbin Case since long have been fascinated by the colorful motoraxis that cross around the Kenyan capital of Nairobi, better known as ‘boda boda’. There are so many of them, that boda boda owners dress up their motortaxis in a wide variety of themes to attract their customers’ attention. But Hoek and Case noticed that these men had forgotten one important aspect while personalizing their cars: their own outfits. That’s why Bobbin created matching costumes for each driver so that the motor and driver are perfectly matched. After that, Jan Hoek portrayed them as heroes in action movies, surrounded by the Kenyan landscape. Whoever visits Nairobi today can see these boda boda – with names like Mad Max Driver, Machette and Red Devil – driving around in full swing. At the Kunstfort this backstage picture of the project is shown as a preview of the series and exhibition, which will open in Spring at the Melkweg in Amsterdam.

In addition to the solo exhibitions artists are invited to present continuous interventions in and around the fort, inspired by the overarching Kunstfort theme of “science fiction”. This fall the Kunstfort welcomes: Toon Fibbe & Laura Wiedijk with Cloning the Ghost, Sara Kamalvand with The Tehran Garden Festival i.c.w. Mahmoud Bakhshi, Jan Hoek and Annika Kappner.

Jan Hoek, The Mad Max Rider, 2017 © Courtesy the artist. Foto: Simon Trel

Jan Hoek, The Mad Max Rider, 2017

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