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Ordo Rerum
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‘Ordo Rerum’ is a presentation by second-year Product Design students at the Utrecht School of the Arts.

Every year, the Kunstfort gives temporary use of spaces on and around the fort island to art academy students. It is their task to develop ideas and work and share them with an audience, using the place as a starting point. The Kunstfort provides historical

and ecological input, and it is up to the students themselves to shape their presentation.

For the course ‘Image’, these HKU students went in search of hidden stories during their field research and subsequently highlight them for an audience. Some were inspired by the materials and architecture of the fort, others focus more on what the fort stands for in front of them, others zoom out on mechanisms of conflict and transience.

The group chose the title Ordo Rerum as a reference to ‘the course of events’.

Participating students:
Demi Nankman, Edy Steenvoorden, Gijs Mul, Lou Bolinger, Luca Corallo Caro, Meike Derks van de Ven, Melina Vormer, Nikki Alkim, Noa Bruinsma, Noa Grilk, Norah van Lith, Ruben de Rooij, Sarah Vreeken, Veere Horstman, Wieke Hams, Wije Hermesdorf

Thanks to guiding teacher Valerie van Leersum.

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