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This spring, the Kunstfort presents a sculpture exhibition in the historic fort building. The intriguing work of Carel Visser, Agata Ingarden and Ad de Jong comes together in the concrete architecture. The reuse of everyday objects and the tension between symbolic and direct charge of industrial and natural materials is a common thread in the exhibition.

This exhibition shows work by three sculpture makers from three different generations. Carel Visser (Netherlands, 1928-2015) was a visionary post-war sculptor who worked with sculpture, drawings and collages. The Kunstfort displays imaginative sculptures with combinations of discarded and natural materials from his later period. Ad de Jong (Netherlands, 1953) makes installations from epoxy resin. Because of their shape, color and material, his dynamic works are in the middle between “alien” and organic, which he continues in a new temporary sculpture in the outdoor space of the fort island. In Agata Ingardens (Poland, 1994) images merge nature and non-nature, investigating themes of decay, commodity and industrialization.

Curated by guest co-curator Melchior Jaspers and Zippora Elders, director and curator Kunstfort.


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