Gijsje Heemskerk
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Does Gijsje C. Heemskerk actually exist? If so, where can we find her? It’s difficult to say. She is always in a different place, at a different time. She also changes shape (all the time) and color. Her hair used to be reddish brown, now it is brownish gray. She used to be much smaller at first. At one point she weighed 25kg. Now that has more than doubled. She also loses pieces of skin all the time. They keep falling off her. So you could say she is in several places at the same time. She’s not falling apart yet! So don’t worry. If all goes well, it will take a while. And new pieces are added all the time. Besides being so unstable and changeable herself, everywhere and nowhere at the same time, she is subjectively infiltrated by all kinds of other entities. She has almost merged with a small, black dog and there are more fungi growing in and on her than she would like. And her DNA is actually from her ancestors, so you have to deal with that too.

Now about “her” work. (After all, the subject in question usually presents herself as an artist). That’s not really hers either. That is just as much a combination, a meeting of entities and factors. I will list a few for you, for your insight: The ideas of friends, the weather that affects the mood, examples of idols, conversations with strangers, the will of the brush and the paint, the possibilities of the space in which it is installed, the invitation of the curator, the hormonal cycle, the position of the moon, etc. …


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