Danielle van Ark
Golden Toad
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This image is part of the series “Void”. For this series Danielle uses images of animals that have become extinct due to human actions – for example due to climate change, large-scale hunting or deforestation. Today 38% of all plant and animal species are threatened with extinction.

Danielle combines the photos with quotes from celebrities from glossy magazines. Danielle: “Celebrities are massively followed on social media and TV. People do this for entertainment or to escape from the daily grind. Many people know more about these celebrities than about their own family members. ”

This work features the Golden Toad, a “poster child” – a symbol – for the dramatic decline in amphibian populations. This toad was one of the first species to become extinct and was last seen by humans in 1989. By combining the photo with text, Danielle creates a strange absurdity. She asks us to look at ourselves and our choices. What do we find important?

Image: Danielle van Ark, ‘Bills (quarterly gas studio)’, 2020, Inkjet on copypaper with oilstick, pencil, pastel and collage. Courtesy of the artist.
You can read or listen all about Danielle and ‘Bills’ in Kunstfort Voices #3 through this link.

Photo: Danielle van Ark

Danielle van Ark, ‘Bills’, 2020, mixed media on copied A4-sheets.

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