Dan Walwin
Messy scrape
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HD video, 8′ 20″ continuous loop, 4K flatscreen monitor, stereo sound
Courtesy of the artist, 2018

We see an out of the way place with water and reeds, a large iron plate and a wooden boardwalk. Where this is located, or what is going on, does not seem clear. The camera moves somewhat mechanically up and down and follows a soundtrack with a strong rhythm and repeating components, that alternately swells and decreases in volume. The camera movements are both rigid and organic, which makes the scene even more ungraspable.

Dan Walwin works with moving image and presents this in alienating, self-made structures and installations. He approaches things that we at first do not immediately comprehend, cannot understand, and thus throws a different view of reality. Walwin studied at the Department of Art at Goldsmiths, London, and was a participant at the Rijksakademie voor Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam. In 2018 the Kunstfort exhibited a presentation by Dan Walwin at Art Rotterdam – Intersections, titled Dawn at demoralize.

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