Kunstfort in retreat
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Since 2016 our programming has been inspired by the genre of science fiction as an artistic perspective on the UNESCO world heritage we’re an important part of.
From 2020 onwards we redirected this to modes of enchantment, healing and fertility, yet still in the context of imagining alternative realities: we like to rethink the bold fortress architecture and the narratives surrounding it; we want to enforce the local and global communities; and we hope to artistically fertilize our minds and souls by collaborating with artists on these lands.
With the current crisis these lines of thinking seem even more relevant. Recovery mode fits the current tide now a pandemic is determining our lives. But through working with topics as dystopia and apocalypse for some years now, we realized recovery was urgently needed in any way, with climate, resources and labour having been increasingly exhausted already – and indeed all the more visible right now.
So in this period we’ll continue our work organically, which means: if ideas sprout we’ll develop them without pushing them, we’ll take time to collaborate with artists who initiate conversation, and we’ll focus on the health of our community, our volunteers, our teams, our friends, our audiences, our co-habitants and of course: our artists.
The physical fortress will be accessible again when possible.

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