Pablo Lerma
Breaths Between
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Homing in on liquids and humidity in the fortress’ architectural ecosystem and building upon its latent energies, Pablo Lerma fabulates a story about humidity shared between military men who might have inhabited the Kunstfort.

For this intervention Pablo Lerma dove into the Gerrit Jan Vos collection of IHLIA LGBTI Heritage. Gerrit Jan Vos collected about 4000 photos of mostly men in uniform. Many of the photos are dated around World War II. Some of the companionships shown in the photos could be interpreted as having a homoerotic or homosocial undertone.

Pablo Lerma is a queer research-based artist, educator and publisher. His focus is on visual archives and nonformal materials while dealing with notions of collective memory, representation, and queerness through image and text. The research takes on various forms, from photographic installations to publications.

This intervention came about in col­lab­o­ra­tion with IHLIA LGBTI Heritage and guest co-­cu­rator Jim van Geel.

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