Nicola Arthen
Eagle & Hesitant Vehicles
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Technologies are employed to reveal the hidden, each time, introducing new ways of “seeing”. Drones scan architectural situations without being detected. But can a view from above truly perceive reality’s complexity? In this exhibition vertical viewpoints are discouraged by half-blind lasers, uncertain engines, skinny sculptures and a biased camera. Devices deliver their doubtful duties close to the airport; at Kunstfort’s historical “Genieloods” military storage shed.

Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen is pleased to present Nicola Arthen – Eagle & Hesitant Vehicles. Nicola Arthen (Germany, 1990) explores the relationships between humans and machines through installation, video and sculpture, thereby focusing on the impacts of technical innovations and the ideologies at their core.

Festive opening on Sunday, April 7, 15.00. Opening speech at 15.30, followed by drinks and music by Loradeniz.

This Spring also on show at Kunstfort:

– Timur Akhmetov – KIDS OF CHAOS: Scene of Evacuation inside the fortress

– Interventions by HARD-CORE, Ann Lislegaard and Coralie Vogelaar (related events in May and June)

The Kunstfort is supported by the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer and the Mondriaan Fund.

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