Toon Fibbe & Laura Wiedijk: Cloning The Ghost
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Toon Fibbe & Laura Wiedijk – Cloning the Ghost

On 7 November Toon Fibbe (NL, 1987) and Laura Wiedijk (NL, 1985) present the research material that is at the base of the intervention Cloning the Ghost. Inspired by Darwin’s book Fertilisation of Orchids, orchids have been appropriated by popular science, fiction and science fiction writers since the late 19th century. The orchid changed the popular imagination of a beautiful, yet passive, flower to a cunning, seductive killer. During the lecture the hidden aspects of the orchid will be revealed, and the role of the orchid in literature will be examined. A curious mix of science and fiction.

Toon Fibbe & Laura Wiedijk, Cloning the Ghost, mixed media, 2017

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