Joeri Woudstra
Millennial Gravestone Quotes
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Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen presents the exhibition Joeri Woudstra – Millennial Gravestone Quotes. In his first solo Joeri Woudstra (NL, 1993) explores the influence of technological developments and contemporary advertising culture on feelings of nostalgia. The exhibition reflects on our changing perception of time.

Joeri Woudstra might be the characteristic “millennial”: an energetic allrounder, both creatively and technically skilled, never found in one place at a time, and proficient with both music and image. In the metal “Genieloods” shed of Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen, he investigates a dominant awareness in peers born in the 1980’s and 1990’s: the continuous feeling of nostalgia.

The artist has graduated in 2016 from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. The past year he worked mostly in the fields of music, collectives, and events. Now, in this exhibition the object (or product) is the starting point. Both inspiration and scenery is the artificial environment of the Kunstfort; where real and fake, image and nature, past and future, come together in a fascinating symbiosis.

Festive opening on Sunday 18 June, 15.00. Opening speech at 15:30, followed by music and drinks

Tuesday 11 July 19.30 Millennial Nostalgia: public evening with Kevin Bray, Shane Burmania, Olga Kortz, Alma Mathijssen, Tycho Posthumus, Joeri Woudstra, Zippora Elders

Joeri Woudstra, Still Glijbaan Video, 2017

Elise Borsboom, 2017

Elise Borsboom, 2017

Elise Borsboom, 2017

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